The GleamKing Chemical and Tool Start Up Package is the perfect start up pack for any would-be oven cleaner and makes a great companion to our Dip Tank or Training packages.

Product Quantity
5L OvenKing Oven Degreaser Cleaning Gel 1
5L OvenKing Heavy Duty Degreaser + 1
5L OvenKing Dip Tank Solution 3
5L OvenKing Multi Purpose Cleaning Paste 1
1L Glass and Multi Cleaner 1
Multi-use squeezy bottles 3
1L Stainless Steel Cleaner 1
1L Stainless Steel Polish 1
Anti scratch sponge scourers (6 Pack) 1
Scouring Sponge Pads (5 Pack) 1
Stainless steel scouring pads (10 Pack) 1
Gauntlets 1
Safety glasses 1
Small ratchet screwdriver set (40 Piece) 1
Screwdriver set (5 Piece) 1
Single edged scraper blades (100 Pack) 1
Heavy duty scraper 1
Long handled wire brush with scraper attachment 1
Wire brushes for detailing (3 piece set) 1
Blue roll 1
Microfibre cloths 5
Spare 25w lamps 5
Spare 40w lamp 5
Spare 15w lamps 5
Hood filters (2 Pack) 2
Gas stickers (for van) 3
Bucket 1
Weight 49 kg


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